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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Monday, August 18, 2008

Sharons 64a MN House_E-Elections_

In GoGood Faith as Sharon Downtown Journal : stories Downtown St.Paul has to suffer with Bus,Car Routes, Be Glad when RNC is OVER,RNC St. Paul mn - Google Search, For 30 yrs Sharon is a Republican agree's withWho said 'NOT A DIMES WORTH OF DIFFERENCE" Hillary always surprises me,

Fall of her Life, We must stop MS609.43 Misconduct of Public Officials Appreciate your Vote 9Sept08, Republican Primary, We must do away with Primarys as Cost Effective, Implement IRV for General Elections. Peace and Love to All Will Fight to Death for our Heritage, Good Read for Property Rights

BENTON, Circuit Judge.

Alternate Fuels, Inc. (AFI) and its President, Larry W. Pommier, sued two

officials of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) – Thomas M.

Cabanas and Richard A. Hall – for denial of equal protection, tortious interference

with contract, and First Amendment retaliation. Summary judgment was granted to

Cabanas and Hall on all claims except part of AFI’s tortious-interference-with


In retaliation for the Plaintiffs [AFI and Pommier] exercising their First

Amendment rights, Defendants [Cabanas and Hall] engaged in an

intentional and continuing course of retaliation against Plaintiffs,

including but not limited to, improper enforcement actions against AFI,

issuing numerous Notices of Violations to AFI, and interference with

Plaintiffs’ business relationship with Midwest.

to Travel
Right to Travel How m

Americans hungering for Freedom at home

iProtesters will turn downtown St. Paul into a national podium, ... - Topix

Picture this as the headline and news story that could accompany each photo:

Mass Hunger Strike to Restore Constitutional Order Commences in U.S. Capital

WASHINGTON, 9/18 -- On September 17, 2008, the 221st anniversary of the U.S. Constitution, thousands of Americans gathered in Washington, DC to begin to "Hunger for Redress."

anRICOy times do we have to run for Office to Quiet Title's? Expose Corruption re: Forensic EvidenceScribd_SA_Doc
Constiutional Challenge triggering
MS429.061_AssessProcedState Records n Drivers License and Realestate: Notice Public Officials Confiscate your property by Illegal Fee's,Assessments, Illegally Ratified, then placed on your property taxes, City of St. Paul "takes" away Homestead Credits, Disability Credits to Steal Your Propertys



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