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           To the Aboved Named, Council,County,Media
             In the INTEREST of Fairness, All Candidates must be aware of the
             Chambers Web Site,
Saint Paul

Sent: 3/13/2019 1:57:35 PM Central Standard Time
Subject: Re: Council Election Chamber 2019 Sharon Anderson 2014 repeat
City Election Candidates3/12/2019 3:51:27 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

Sharon Anderson

Name: Sharon Anderson
Public Office Sought: St.Paul Council Ward 2
Phone: 651-776-5835
Address: Legal Domicile 1058 Summit Ave,Mail 697 Surrey St. Paul,MN 55104-0384
Campaign Website:  ForensicFiles 100 Blogs   
1. Please provide a brief bio highlighting your experience and accomplishments  Affiant  VA Widow has tracked City Hall 40 yrs, Self Taught, Blogger,Legal Research Analyst Candidate 4 MNAG RealEstate Entreprenuer
,Trust Worthy,High Morals,Soverign,Constitutionalist, Hometown, Homegrown, similarily situated with Homeowners, Seniors, Vunerable Persons, with thousands of pdf files,  
 Grade School Eastern Heights, Marshall Jr. St.Paul Central.
Please include the headshot you would like included with your candidate profile.

1. Please provide a brief bio highlighting experience and accomplishments that qualify you to be the next City Council member in Saint Paul. (200 word maximum)
 Self taught Blogger Home Town, Homegrown Legal Research Analyst,tracking City Hall over 40 yrs.Similarily Situated Homeowners,Seniors,Disable and Vunerable who cannot Speak or Fight4themselves. Sharon must Educate the Public on Sharia Law, Influx of Muslins who take their Oath on the Quran,contrary to USA Constitution. Sharon Learned about Law and Computers. Exposing Government Misconduct re QuiTam Relator.
Business climate
2. How would you characterize the business climate in Saint Paul? 
Poor -  Government take over on our Trash,ShakeDown on Housing Issues  re USSC 10-1032 titled Magner vs Gallagher Taxaction without Representation, Ponzi Taxing Scheme via Consent Agenda,Excessivre Inspections without Property Owners Consent, Illegal Fees, 4 1/2 % interest based on Fraud must not stand. Disparity.
 the City’s Housing Code enforcement temporarily, if not permanently, burdened Appellants’ rental businesses, which indirectly burdened their tenants.
3. What role do you think the City should have in attracting and retaining jobs, and what steps would you take to solicit new businesses to, and retain existing businesses in, Saint Paul?
       When the City,County become Law Breakers, Breeds Contempt4Law Lower Taxes, Downsize.
4. Would you support hiring a business advocate as a member of the city senior staff, to concentrate on business retention and expansion; new business recruitment; and business impact of proposed regulations on the business climate in Saint Paul?  NO
Perez may have exceeded the scope of the ethics and professional responsibility opinions he received from the Department and thereby violated his duties of loyalty and confidentiality to the United States. Perez also misled senior Justice Department officials about the quid pro quo when he misinformed then-Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli about the reasons for Magner’s withdrawal. The quid pro quo between the Department of Justice and the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, is largely the result of the machinations of one man: Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez. Yet the consequences of his actions will negatively affect not only Fredrick Newell and the lowincome residents of St. Paul who he championed. The effects of this quid pro quo will be felt by future whistleblowers who act courageously, and often at great personal risk, to fight fraud and identify waste on behalf of federal taxpayers. The effects of withdrawing Magner will be felt by the minority tenants in St. Paul who, due to the case’s challenge to the City’s housing code, continue to live with rampant rodent infestations and inadequate plumbing. The effects of sacrificing Newell’s case will cost American taxpayers the opportunity to recover up to $200 million and allow St. Paul’s misdeeds to go unpunished. Far more troubling, however, is the fundamental damage that this quid pro quo has done to the rule of law in the United States and to the reputation of the Department of Justice as a fair and impartial arbiter of justice.

5. Do you support any other specific employment-related proposals in Saint Paul (such as mandatory scheduling notice)? If so, what specific steps would you take to understand the impact of an ordinance on the many types of businesses in Saint Paul and how would you define any exceptions to those policies?
                Eliminate Excessive Consumption/Inspections/Abatement, without Valid Complaints,Warrants, Railroaded thro  Council on Consent Agenda, Affiant and others
do not and did not Consent to this Ponzi Taxing,Fee, Scheme with 4%interest to Steal our Homestead

6. Would you support modifying or repealing the new earned sick and safe time or minimum wage ordinances that apply to the city? If so, how?  Repeal

Public safety
7. What is your strategy to address public safety concerns?
  Sharon duly Supports President Donald Trumps effort to Build the Wall, Immigration
Reform, if your not Legal, then Leave,
           If the Laws are not Broken or Bended then don't fix it.

8. What are your priorities for the City’s budget?
           Housing Trust, Homeless, Stop the Bloat, or Walk the Plank of Bankruptsy.

9. How do you view the relationship between commercial and residential property taxes?
          Unfair  contrary to MN Constution Art X and Separation of Powers Art. III. 100 Blogs Forensic Files Evidence.

10. What will you do to expand Saint Paul’s tax base?
                   Downsize and Abolish Property Taxes and RICO Assessments. Tax all Non Profits,Churchs etc. City has willfully Failed to Disclose Conflicts of interest. Lawyers in the Legislative and Executive Branchs at the same time, Council and Hennepin Co. Asst. Attorney, Nepatism Council Pres,
married to Parks and Rec shuffling Funds.

Workforce development
11. How will you work with K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions and businesses to ensure our region develops and retains an educated workforce?
                        PROMOTE Home Schooling, Sharon is Self Taught as others must also have the Passion,Prudence,and Patience to expose the Ponzi Taxing Scheme of City,County,State,

12. What do you see as the city council’s role with regard to public schools in Saint Paul?
                        None as  the School Board. has Authority/Jurisdiction

13. What is the biggest challenge facing the city and how would you address it?
Disparity in all Housing Matters, Taxes, RICO Acts by City Official must be abated, All e-mails and e commerce must be addressed. Use of out side Council burdensome to Taxpayers, or reduce the City Attorneys Office.
 The Department of Justice entered into a quid pro quo arrangement with the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, in which the Department agreed to decline intervention in United States ex rel. Newell v. City of St. Paul and United States ex rel. Ellis v. City of St. Paul et al. in exchange for the City withdrawing Magner v. Gallagher from the Supreme Court.  The quid pro quo was a direct result of Assistant Attorney General Perez’s successful efforts to pressure the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota, and the Civil Division within the Department of Justice to reconsider their support for Newell in the context of the proposal to withdraw Magner.  The initial development of the quid pro quo by senior political appointees, and the subsequent 180 degree change of position, confused and frustrated the career Department of Justice attorneys responsible for enforcing the False Claims Act, who described the situation as “weirdness,” “ridiculous,” and a case of “cover your head ping pong.”  The reasons given by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for recommending declination in Newell are unsupported by documentary evidence and instead appear to be pretextual post-hoc rationalizations for a purely political decision.  The “consensus” of the federal government to switch its recommendation and decline intervention in Newell was the direct result of Assistant Attorney General Perez manipulating the process and advising and overseeing the communications between the City of St. Paul, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Civil Division within the Department of Justice.  Assistant Attorney General Perez was personally and directly involved in negotiating the mechanics of the quid pro quo with David Lillehaug and he personally agreed to the quid pro quo on behalf of the United States during a closed-door meeting with the Mayor in St. Paul.  Despite the Department of Justice’s contention that the intervention recommendation in Newell was a “close call” and “marginal,” contemporaneous documents show the Department believed that Newell alleged a “particularly egregious example of false certifications” and therefore the United States sacrificed strong allegations of false claims worth as much as $200 million to the Treasury.  Assistant Attorney General Perez offered to arrange for the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide material to the City of St. Paul to assist the City in its motion to dismiss the Newell whistleblower complaint. This offer was inappropriate and potentially violated Perez’s duty of loyalty to his client, the United States.  Assistant Attorney General Perez attempted to cover up the quid pro quo when he personally instructed career attorneys to omit a discussion of Magner in the declination memos that outlined the reasons for the Department’s decision to decline intervention in Newell and Ellis, and focus instead only “on the merits.
14. What would be your top three priorities if elected?
                     Housing,Taxes-Fees-Assessments,Enforce MN Constitution Art.X and III Separation of Powers 
15. What do you think should be the city’s top transportation related priority?
                       Quit Stealing our Cars,Trailers,Licenses via Bogus Excessive Resolutions,
                        Do not raise the Gas Tax, No more Light Rail until the Feds approve Funding.

16. Are there any services currently provided by the city that you believe should be cut back or eliminated? Or, are there new opportunities to share services with other entities?
         Combine  City and County Boards, Combine Sheriff and Police, Combine Depts Similar such as DSI and Health,
                   Eliminate Legislative Hearing Officer,Disclose and Have the DSI inspectors go straight
                    to Council with Valid Inspections under and signed off by  the Mayor. and City Attorney, published on Legistar.
17. Is there anything else you would like to share with voters not covered above?
            YES NO WAY SHOULD ANY PERSONS go thro Fighting the City,County and Courts
            with Forensic Files, unabated. Affiant VA Widow going Blind, must forever via Love of
           President Donald Trump and Country, Make Government Accountable by filing 4 Office
          not to Win, but for to Set the Records Straight. Affiant has been reduced to Poverty, Takings of 13 Propertys without Just Compensations is Bizzare.
Audit finds no evidence state child-care money funneled to terrorists: An audit of Minnesota's child-care assistance program has found no evidence to substantiate a former state worker's allegation that $100 million was lost to fraud, or that some of the money was funneled to terrorist organizations in Somalia. The report from the Office of Legislative Auditor — an independent arm of the Legislature — did conclude that the level of fraud in the $254 million Child Care Assistance Program is likely higher than the $5 million or $6 million that has been proven by prosecutors. Read the auditor's report here.

Monday, March 4, 2019




          Sharons Disclaimer must expose MINNESOTA

Sanctuary,SameSex,Taxaction without Representation.            

Hello Sharon,
I received the PDF of your responses and will use that version rather than the one you submitted on our Facebook page. Thank you for participating in this process! We'll let you know when the questionnaire responses from all the candidates have been published and send you links.

On Sun, Mar 3, 2019 at 3:21 PM SharonQuiTamAnderson wrote:
           Affiant had answered before apparantly the answers do not copy and paste so here goes also in pdf format

 To much Bloated Government Combine City and County Offices, Educate Forensic Files 

                                         Influx of Muslins forcing Sharia Law 

Muslins KeithEllison,Ilhad Omas,MitkeNelson,MelvinCarter 

 combine Sheriff and Police into one unit
We cannot take from the Rich and Give to the Poor, Affiant has been reduced to Poverty unabated by Corrupt City Officials
We do not need more bloated government City

City is a Nanny, Sanctuary City dependant on LGA IE Local Government Aid

  Eliminate the Legislative hearing Officer, DSI, all complaints must go directly to City Council signed off by Mayor, re USSC 10-1032 Titled Magner vs. Gallagher

 naHome Schooling must be factored in, When Parents raise Bad Children, Put the Parents in JAIL.
PoliceChief Todd axtall,KathyWorium
East Side is surrounded by Sober, Addicts,Sexual Predators Housing making some Owners Rich and the Neighbors Sick

 Google USSC 10-1032 titled Magner vs. Gallagher unabated by State of MN.AND City St. Paul,mn


 Google Sharon4Anderson vs City St.Paul

  Duplication is Waste of Tax Dollars, therefore Combine Disclosure on the Monthly Excessive Consumption/Inspection/Abatement/Code Violations, Quiet title to these 108 Propertys, Disclose what,when and Why Inspectiors Name, Badge,

Auditor Chris Samuelson

Root & Restore St Paul City Council Candidate Questionnaire
Root & Restore St. Paul — a community-based coalition working to grow community-first public safety and transformative justice in St. Paul — is requesting that each city council candidate respond to the following questionnaire regarding community concerns. Please respond by March 3 to allow time for us to share your responses with community members before the March 10 caucuses. We will post candidate responses on Root & Restore St. Paul’s Medium page and share through our Facebook page. Learn more about us at
*Root & Restore does not condone or post on our platforms content that we believe to be racist or bigoted. As such, interested parties can read Sharon Anderson’s response on her website here.

Root & Restore 2019 City Council Candidate Questionnaire

In 2019, all seats on St. Paul’s City Council are up for election. Given the central role the city council plays in policy priorities and the allocation of public resources in our communities, Root & Restore St. Paul — a community-based coalition working to grow community-first public safety and transformative justice — created and circulated a questionnaire regarding community concerns to each city council candidate for whom we could find contact information. Their responses, in their entirety, are compiled in the posts linked below. Additional responses will be added as they are received.
Ward 2:
Rebecca Noecker 
 Ward 1:
share through our Facebook page. Learn more about us at

* Required
Name *

Contact *

Ward *

What is your vision for safety and wellness rooted in St. Paul communities? As a city councilmember, what concrete steps would you take to support that vision? And who else would you work with to advance that vision?

What alternatives to policing, arrest, criminal prosecution and incarceration would you work to support? How would you work to reduce the dramatic racial disparities and impacts of these systems?

Many people who are routinely impacted by policing come from our most impoverished and disenfranchised communities, and due to systemic inequities, they are comparatively disconnected from the levers of power. How would you work to elevate the experience and insight of directly impacted community members so they can have the same impact on shaping policy as well-funded advocacy organizations?

In partnership with the community-first safety initiative, and with leadership support from the city council, St. Paul residents have advanced the idea of a community cabinet on safety, wellness and justice. How would you support this cabinet to ensure it has lasting and meaningful input?

What is your knowledge of or experience with restorative justice and restorative practices? How might St. Paul become a restorative city?

What specific steps would you take to build stability in areas hard-hit by poverty, unemployment, and housing insecurity?

What do you know about the recently dissolved Joint Powers Agreement to share data to flag Ramsey County students as “at-risk”? What lessons do you think officials should take away from the political process that created the Joint Powers Agreement data-sharing plan?

What specific steps will you take to end the school to prison pipeline of St. Paul youth? What can you do as a city councilmember to create more opportunities for youth to thrive?

How should the city of St. Paul welcome and support people returning to neighborhoods from jail or prison, or living on probation? What steps would you take to make housing more accessible to people with criminal convictions?

What is a person, place, book, experience, or film that has especially influenced your vision of community-first public safety and your dreams about what’s possible for community-first public safety in St. Paul?

What informs your decision-making process when it comes to community issues? Can you share a story about a specific time when you had to decide where you stood on a difficult community issue, or when you had to decide what kind of action you should take on an issue? How did you arrive at the decision you did?

What does co-governance look like to you? How have you implemented that vision of co-governance in your own life and work? How would you work to scale up that vision in city government?

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.

Sharon Anderson aka Scarrella 651-776-5835

LEGAL NOTICE: /s/ ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835:
Attorney ProSe_InFact,Private Attorney General QuiTam Whistleblower, 

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 
Ch.119 Sections 2510-2521 et seq., governs distribution of this "Message," 
including attachments, may contain the originator's
proprietary information. The originator hereby notifies
recipients Message review, dissemination, copying, and content-based 
actions. Authorized carriers of this message 
shall expeditiously deliver this Message to intended recipients.  See: Quon 
v. Arch
In a message dated 3/2/2019 3:34:19 PM Central Standard Time, :

On Saturday, February 23, 2019,  wrote:
Dear Ms. Anderson,
I am a member of Root and Restore St. Paul, a new community-based coalition working on uplifting transformative justice in St. Paul, and we are asking all candidates for St. Paul city council to respond to a questionnaire about community-first public safety by March 3, so we can share their responses with the community via our Medium page and our Facebook page.

At the end of this message, I've pasted in a link to a Google forms version of the survey, the preferred method to respond, but I've also included a link to a Word version of the survey.

If you choose to fill out the Word version, please send it back to me at Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all. You can find out more about Root and Restore St. Paul on our Facebook page at RootAndRestoreSTP/.


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