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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Sunday, July 31, 2011


Please track the above Quo Warranto 4 Minn. Budget Mess
LGA MN Miracle is not MN Malpractice
Vote Sharon Anderson Ward 2 St.Paul City Council

My Ballot

St. Paul City Council Ward 2


  1. Biographical Information

    Campaign Phone: 651-776-5835

    City/Town: St.Paul

    Occupation: Hobby Political Advocate, Prennial Candidate to Expose Courts Complicity with Council, City/County Attorneys

    Education: School of Hard Knocks Grad St.Paul Central

  2. Why are you seeking this office?


    Sharon Anderson: Implementing e-commerce4citizenery's "dueprocess" Seeking Office to expose the Ponzi Scheme of the Citys "takings" of Private Homestead and Commercial Propertys via Bogus Code Enforcement. 5th Amend "takings" Abolish the Legislative Hearing Officer quasi Judicial ie: Marcia Moermond as Simulating Legal Process's complicity with the Mayors DSI Employees.

    2. Budget_Duplication and Delegation of Jurisdiction/Authority, Eliminate Legislative Hearing Officer as its grown out of Control. The City mus a. Sharon is Sick of Government of,by,4, Lawyers bleeding the Public techinally exploiting the Seniors,Disabled,Vunerable Scare Tactics.

  4. What do you consider to be the most pressing problem(s) facing St. Paul?


    Sharon Anderson: Citys Complicity with DSI vs. Citizenery to Harass via Bogus Code Compliance re: Paula Seeley and Joel Essling are out of Control. Excessive Consumption without Long Form Complaints mandate Abolish DSI in its Entiretiry. City's Ponzi Scheme Disparate Impact_Treatment evicting Tenants who Trash Propertys, then Condemning_Demo or Selling to their Friends for Low Sale's. Kathy Lantry's Larceny to appoint_Delegating the City Authority/Jurisdiction to Marcia Mormand Legislative hearing Officer to the demise of the Homeowner's specifically Elderly Women,Disabled, for the Citys Pecuniary Greed. To issue Forgivable Loans must estopp. Currently 1,400 vacant buildings CashCow Loss TaxBase is contrary to Public Policy,

  6. What policies would you promote to address cuts in state aid, i.e. LGA?



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