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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Candidate Profile

Published Monday, September 08 11:30:02 AM
Name:Sharon Anderson

Other candidates in this race:

Office:Minnesota District 64A State representative
City of residence:St. Paul
Background:VA Widow,Realestate Entreprenuer,Blogger,Forensic Analyst, Scribd-Google pdf files,Scarrella AssocJust 221NW2d562: 94 IR-Cand Attorney General, Not a Liar or Lawyer,ECF-P165913,sa1299 Self Taught-Homegrown MN-St.Paul Central Grad. Heritage Peterson-Mora-Chergosky-Mpls.MN
Endorsements:Not seeking endorsements.
Most important issue:Sharon Must,Write Legislation that ENFORCE MN Const. Art. III-Separation of Powers,To REPEAL Unpublished Court Opinions, that Repeal State Law Ex. MS2.724 Case A061150, Sharons Water Shutoff Bill Paid. Advocate high standards,ethics,morality,health care, access,eminent domain compensation.Strict Scrunity violations of case fixing,election-tax fraud-welfare fraud- Sharon must author Veterans Bills,Compensations, lobby out of Iraq,Implement E-Commerce,E-Voting,E-Realestate ,E-Books IRV,Stronger RICO Statutes, Eliminate-Repeal Nuisance Ordinances,that Trigger Illegal Assessments by Theft, Trespass, Treason, Illegally Ratified by Public Officials to Confiscate your Propertys by Excessive Taxaction, triggering Mortgage Forclosures We the People must expose White Collar Crime, unabated by the monopoly of Franchised lawyers-judges acting in concort with their franchise
Views:Candidates were asked to respond to statements on five policy issues. They were given seven options: "Strongly agree", "Somewhat agree", "Have mixed feelings", "Somewhat disagree", "Strongly disagree", "Have no opinion" and "Do not wish to respond."
In light of high gasoline prices, the Legislature should repeal the gas tax increases enacted in February.Strongly agree
The state should require cities to allow law enforcement officers to inquire about people's immigration status during routine police work, such as traffic stops.Strongly agree
Legislators should rule out tax increases during the next session.Strongly agree
The state should put a cap on tuition increases at state colleges and universities and pressure the University of Minnesota to do the same.Strongly agree
The state should provide more funding for K-12 education, even if it means reductions in other areas of the state budget or raising taxes.Somewhat disagree



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