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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lantrys-Larceny 5Jul07

Sharon4Anderson St.Paul City Council Ward2
Sharon4Anderson St.Paul City Council Ward2

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July 5th,2007 Affidavit of Sharon Scarrella Anderson Candidate Ward (2)
Thanks Mike Mischke for Griffin Post.
Please read with today's 5July07 Agenda
Lantry in the legislative branch: acting signator for Executive Branch Realestate,Valuation Engineer position unfilled, Item 35 $140,000.xx taxed against your propertys
7.5% interest?????
TITLE 12 . BANKS AND BANKING - TOC Separation of Powers Doctrine.
Milking Cows or We the Citizenery
If Lantry is now the tax assessor, by illegal ratification of assessments in Sharons Case to Steal Cars, Trailers, Damage to property without Criminal Charges to Sharon, then the County Auditor Dorothy McClung former Tax Court Judge, Revenue Commissioner,Lawyer,
is complicit to Steal Realestate, Manulipate Elections/Residences etc.on your tax statements.
On the web site I cannot find the Authority of Auditor
Anyone out there remember Lou McKenna, Indictments-Grand Jury of John Finley
Then and only Then WE had respect for County Attorney Sue Gaertner.
MS 2.724ChiefJustice Marcia Moermond has illegally condemned over 1,124 vacant buildings without Quiet Titles:or having a Law or Realestate License:
AFFIANT: Submits this Whistleblower Affidavit in Good Faith
under the guildines of Perjury and also as a Victim.
"You have to wonder whether James Griffin would have appreciated the
legacy he might someday be saddled with--if the proposed James
Griffin Garden Rowhouses ever do get built, that is.

The St. Paul City Council, acting as the board of the city's Housing
and Redevelopment Authority, voted 4-3 on June 20 to approve a
$673,000 public subsidy for the construction of the five-unit, $2.2
million townhouse development on St. Anthony Avenue in Merriam Park.
That's a taxpayer contribution of a whopping $134,600 per unit for a
project that will cost $440,000 per unit to build. The developers
apparently plan to sell the townhouses at a loss--for a reported
$350,000 each--a concession, perhaps, to the project's less than
Edenic location, hard by the traffic-choked Snelling Avenue exit ramp
from eastbound I-94.

"I havent seen anything like it in all my years on the City
Council," said Patrick Harris, who with Lee Helgen and Dan Bostrom
voted against the public subsidy. "It doesnt make sense on any level."

Actually, it does make sense if you appreciate the idiosyncrasies of
St. Paul politics and the tentacled nature of the familial,
religious, ethnic and other alliances that make up the social fabric
of the city.

Developers Erick Goodlow and James Garrett, boyhood friends and
partners in 4RM+ULA (Form plus Urban Land Acquisition), are not your
everyday neophyte developers. Goodlow is a member of both the St.
Paul Planning and Parks and Recreation commissions. Garrett is the
grandson of the project's namesake, the late James Griffin, a St.
Paul School Board member, St. Paul deputy police chief and patriarch
of a family that comes as close to African-American royalty as you
can get in St. Paul. The developers had the support of Ward 4 City
Council member Jay Benanav, ostensibly because of the project's
"green" construction features. And in an all-ward form of government
where political horse-trading holds sway in City Hall, that was that.

Mayor Chris Coleman and St. Paul Planning and Economic Development
director Cecile Bedor both opposed the public subsidy. In a statement
after the City Council's vote, Coleman called it "bad for business,
bad for our budget and bad for the city of St. Paul." The mayor, who
does not have veto power in HRA decisions, said he could not support
more than a half-bad subsidy of $300,000.

Bedor, reading from a six-page statement, said the Griffin project
only lends credence to the widespread belief that environmentally
friendly construction has to be costly, and invites criticism of
other "green" developments. She then proceeded to do the exact same
thing: "We could fund a great deal of sustainable construction with
these funds," she said.

The city did place two conditions on the public subsidy: that the
developers enter into an agreement that would require future owners
to give the city half of the appreciated value of any rowhouses that
sell within the first 10 years, and that four of the units be sold
before work even begins. The developers said both conditions will
pose a challenge in light of the current soft housing market.


The Griffin Rowhouses have been on the drawing board for the last
eight years, during which the developers have worked with four
general contractors, three mayors and four PED directors--and have
have already received and spent $166,000 in two private loans
guaranteed by the city.

Does this sound like the kind of investment youd willingly make with
your money?

Oh, that's right. It IS your money.

Michel Mischke
Summit Hill

Michael Mischke
Summit Hill, St. Paul
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