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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Monday, September 21, 2015


                     Jerry well known on7th Street

Sharon Anderson
VA Widow Realestate Entreprenuer has tracked City Hall 40 yrs, Self Taught, Blogger, Homegrown, similarly situated with Homeowners, Seniors,Disabled and Vulnerable Persons, currently Blind with Therapy Chichuhua's Social Media of Facebook Twitter and Linkenden Background, Grade School Eastern Heights, Marshall Jr. St. Paul Central. 1 Daughter 7 Grandchildren
Sharon Anderson
Having been reduced to Poverty via the City’s Ponzi Schemes, the Council as the FIRST AND LAST RESORT, Eliminate Executive Branch Positions, simulating Legal Process, Denying the Citizenry the Constitutional Guarantees to represent themselves, or do their own home repair and work.
We are licensed to Death, Disabilities, Disparagement of Titles, Eliminate DSI GO BACK to the Fundamentals or Basics of Government.* Elderly are Storehouse of Wisdom* PopeFrancis
ALL LIVES MATTER even yours, Housing, Racial,Income Disparities , must be addressed. Affiant Candidate Ward 2 Mrs. Sharon Anderson has been reduced to Poverty, Cities “takings” without Due Process or Just Compensation. Taking cars, water, Real Estate of the Citizenry, causing Death, Disability, Disparagement of Titles causing Major Poverty on Affiant and others. Forensic Files at 
Jerry Rothstein, Managing Editor 
Community Reporter
265 Oneida, St. Paul 55102
/s/ SharonsSanity CandidateWard2Council

   Just a Note 15 yrs ago CplJimAnderson Murdered after 1 yr at Brainard State Hosp.  

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