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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Sunday, February 27, 2011

SharonAnderson v St.PaulPoliceTomSmith_Don Luna

Candidate Ward (2) St.Paul City Council a White Woman Swede_Gyspy.
Ruling Case's
Legal Notice to State of Minnesota via DFL Gub. Mark Dayton et al DFLAttorneyGeneral Lori Swanson, DFL Co. Attorney John Choi (former city attry)Sheriff DFL Matt Bostrom andDFL Kathy Lantry Chair City Council and DFL Police Chief Tom Smith and DFL Mayor Chris Coleman et al.
Metro Gang Strike Force Settlement ie:
(1) Bill Windsor Today Government Corruption.
(2) St.Paul City Council Agenda Constitutionality thereof:
1 thro 9 Consent Agenda: out of 31 Items:
Wed. 2Mar2011 St.Paul City Hall.
(3) By information an belief the Highland Villager states that Robberys at St.Mary Church and Midway Rainbow 26Jan2011, Sharon was Robbed Mon.7Feb2011 unabated by Police Chief Tom Smith, Don Luna his assistant former city clerk and NOT A LICENSED COP, YET GETTING COPS PAY,PENSION ETC.
(4) Has the City of St.Paul using "Disparate Impact" against the Citizenery and the Landlords RICO Claims unabated by the Appointed Police Chief's Defendant John Harrington
Therefore: Affiant Sharon Scarrella Anderson In re: Scarrella4Justice 221NW2d562
states and alleges that the attorneys for the Settlement and Special Master Mark Gehan
are hereby noticed that the Metro Gang Strike Force Settlement
the apparent Cop Corruption is still an ongong "Patterened Enterprise" acting in concort with defendant city of st. Paul.

However there is one such case that the landlords have held on for something like eight years now. After the Federal Eighth CIrcuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion favorable to the landlords, the city of St Paul has petitioned the US Supreme Court for review (link to petition for review). You can read the amended original complaint that started this case here.

If the Supreme Court hears this case it will have a huge impact on all landlords who follow fair housing practices, i.e. don’t reject tenants tenants simply because they are a different color, nationality, religion, etc than their neighbors. One must really respect these property owners for the amount of sacrifice they have made to get this far.

The case alleges that St Paul housing inspection programs were used in a racially motivated manner to force racial minorities out of St Paul and that such actions violated the Fair Housing rights of the occupants. A very interesting point is a number of city employees including inspectors are on the hook personally in this suit. From a legal perspective they must defend

Has Sharon4Anderson Republican Candidate for MNAG et al recently Robbed at the Rainbow Midway Grocery Store, unabated now over 3 weeks by Police wilful deriliction of duties?
Has Sharon4Anderson been denied Police Protection because Sharon is a QuiTam_Relator in the 3 Million Settlement on the Citys Theft,Trespass,Treason via "taking" Sharons 91 Chrysler,Trailer,Water,13 Propertys because Sharon now is a Senior,Disabled, in a Protected Class and as a Republican now 4 St.Paul City Council v. David Thune Ward (2) from Sharons Legal Homestead Domicile at 1058 Summit St.Paul,MN.? on the Graves of Tenants in Common her Parents Bill and Bernice A. Peterson?
42 U.S.C. § 3604(a)-(b).
The issue of whether disparate impact analysis
applies to the Fair Housing Act has been percolating
among the circuits for two decades. In 2005, this
Court provided guidance to the question in Smith u.
City of Jackson, Miss. , 544 U.S. 228 (2005). In Smith,
a disparate impact theory of liability was found
cognizable under the Age Discrimination in
Employment Act (ADEA) based on the "identical text"
found in § 70 3(a)(2) of Title VI I and § 4(a)(2) of the
ADEA. In the case at bar, the petition for rehearing en
bane was denied, but the five judge dissent recognized
this important and timely issue and found that the
text in both the ADEA and Title VII contains
triggering language for a disparate impact analy sisqoB7
and related contracts,”
herein after WaMu substituted CitySt.Paul "fidicuary trust" assets in Condemantion of Propertys.
Schedule 3.2. Further, the assets were purchased subject to “all liabilities” affecting those assets,as provided in Section 2.1. Without question, JPMC succeeded to all of WaMu’s interests,rights, obligations, and liabilities under the Governing Agreements, which, according toDBNTC, are for each Trust an integrated set of agreements governing the transfer of loans intothe Trust, the securitization of the loans in the Trust, the servicing of the loans, and the rights andobligations of all the parties to the transaction.
13. Such a transaction, in which the acquisition-date fair value of the net assets acquiredexceeds the purchase price, is literally considered a “bargain purchase” by GAAP standards.
FASB Statement (“SFAS”) No. 141R (Business Combinations) at iv-v (Fin. AccountingStandards Bd. 2007).Section 2.1 of the P&A Agreement, which governsJPMC’s assumption of WaMu’s liabilities, providedthat:14. Concluding that “[t]he fair value of the net assets of Washington Mutual’s bankingoperations exceeded the $1.9 billion purchase price,” by over $10 billion, JPMC ultimatelyrecorded a $2 billion “extraordinary gain” in 2008 and 2009. Ex. 9, JPMC 2009 Form 10-K(2/24/10) at 143-44; sEx. 8, JPMC 2008 Form 10-K (3/2/09) at 123-24.15. The P&A Agreement also stated that “[t]he conveyance of all assets” purchased by JPMC“shall be made . . . without any warranties whatsoever with respect to such assets, express orimplied, with respect to . . . freedom from liens or encumbrances (in whole or in part), orany other matters.” P&A Agreement § 3.3.
Case 1:09-cv-01656-RMC Document 54-1 Filed 11/22/10 Page 14 of 51
File #: RES 11-275 Version: Name: Criminal Justice Information Integration Network
Type: Resolution Status: Agenda Ready
File created: 2/3/2011 In control: City Council
On agenda: 3/2/2011 Final action:
Title: Authorizing the Police Department to enter into the a joint powers agreement with the Dakota County Criminal Justice Information Integration Network.
Sponsors: Kathy Lantry
Attachments: Criminal Justice Information Integration Network.pdf

File #: RES 11-383 Version: 1 Name: PW Agreement for Outside Counsel Services - Kennedy and Graven
Type: Resolution Status: Agenda Ready
File created: 2/15/2011 In control: City Council
On agenda: 3/2/2011 Final action:
Title: Approving the agreement for outside counsel services between the Public Works Department and Kennedy and Graven. "To acquire Property Rights Maryland Ave.E Clarance to the Phalen VIllage" Affiant Sharon Anderson's inquiry is this the new CUB Grocery Store?
Sponsors: Kathy Lantry
Attachments: Outside Counsel Financial Analysis Form.pdf, Outside Counsel Agreement & Policy.pdf
Affiant alleges the amount is in the Millions,
18 RES 11-346 Amending the financing and spending plans in the Saint Paul Regional Water Services
2010 Adopted Budget in the amount of $668,300 in reimbursable spending for SPRWS
work related to Metropolitan Councils Light Rail project, as recommended and
requested by Board Resolution No. 7097.
Sponsors: Harris
Changes to 2010 Adopted Budget Table
Council Resolution

BWC Resln. #7097
Financial Analysis Worksheet=3
10 Ord 11-12 Amending Charter Section 7.04 regarding elections. Constitutional Challenge of the Bizzare,Arbitrary,Discrimnatory raise of Filing Fees" from $50.00 dollars to $250.00 for Council and $500.00 for Mayor. WOW
Sponsors: Lantry
Charter Commission Letter of Transmittal.pdf
Public Hearing Notice
11 Ord 11-13 Amending Charter Section 2.05 regarding elected officials.
Sponsors: Lantry
Charter Commission Letter of Transmittal.pdf
Public Hearing Notice
12 Ord 11-14 Amending Charter Section 4.01.3 regarding decennial redistricting.
Sponsors: Lantry
Charter Commission Letter of Transmittal.pdf
Public Hearing Notice

Sent: 2/26/2011 11:38:54 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Government Corruption Crisis Conference - Sunday 5 - 7 pm EST

The Government Corruption Crisis Conference will be held TODAY – Sunday, February 27 from 5 to 7 pm Eastern Time.

Watch it by registering and logging in at or click on this link and page down to the bottom of the page:

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I will also try to check email during the show, so if you want to send me an email, please do.

Please join us!


William M. Windsor

Office: 770-578-1094

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