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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Thursday, June 4, 2009

3rdJun09 FeesAssess Tom Rogge 842Clear,Steve Christoper 1999 Sheridan

Disclaimer: Affiant charges Kathy Lantry MS609.43 in her Patterned Enterprise of denial of due process's Excessive Consumption re Sharon Anderson's Theft,Trespass,Treason Sharon Anderson v. City St.Paul Joel Essling MN - Google SearchCars,trailers,697Surrey 2 yrs ago,Lantrys continued Pattern Council Agenda 3Jun09

Items 46 Steve Christopher of 1999 Sheridan, EC for SideWalk Snow,sent thro US Mails, Steve Christopher Minnehaha Watershed MN - Google Search

Item 47 Tom Rogge 842 Clear, Tom Rogge 842 Clear St.Paul,MN - Google Search

stated "IN COMPLIANCE" object to over $2,000 Fees/Assessments

Re Steinhauser et al v. City St.Paul,Mager et al

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Granicus Inc.

47. Resolution Ratifying Assessment - 09-614 - In the matter of the assessment of benefits, cost, and expenses for summary abatement (property cleanup) on private properties from February 13-25, 2009 [J0905A]; weekly garbage hauling services from February 18-26, 2009 [J0904G]; summary abatement for excessive consumption of inspection services for property code violations billed from May 21 to December 5, 2008 [J0901E]; and removing diseased elm trees from private properties during February 2009 [0902T]. (GS 3068978) (Legislative Hearing Officer recommends the following: 1326 Albemarle Street (J0901E) - delete the assessment; 1067 Burns Avenue (J0904G) - approve the assessment; 1067 Burns Avenue (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 1826 Case Avenue (J0901E) - recommendation is forthcoming; 518 Charles Avenue (J0901E) - recommendation is forthcoming; 842 Clear Avenue (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 481 Edmund Avenue (J0905A) - approve the assessment; 665 Fry Avenue (J0905A) - approve the assessment; 859 Fry Avenue (J0901E) - delete the assessment; 276 Forbes Avenue (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 354 Goodrich Avenue (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 1696 Grand Avenue (J0905A) - continued to the June 16 Legislative Hearing and the June 17 City Council Public Hearing; 1878 Iglehart Avenue (J0905A) - approve the assessment; 858 Jackson Street (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 1034 Jackson Street (J0901E) - delete the assessment; 1252 James Avenue (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 701 Jenks Avenue (J0904G) - approve the assessment; 729 Jessie Street (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 1004 Laurel Avenue (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 1253 Margaret Street (J0901E) - delete the assessment; 1316 Margaret Street (J0905A) - reduce the assessment from a total of $363 to a total of $263; 1316 Margaret Street (J0904G) - approve the assessment; 1301 Marion Street (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 1769 Marshall Avenue (J0901E) - delete the assessment; 602 Minnehaha Avenue West (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 831 Ohio Street (J0904G) - approve the assessment; 118 Orange Avenue West (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 1330 Reaney Avenue (J0905A) - approve the assessment; 1282 Ross Avenue (J0901E) - recommendation is forthcoming; 929 Seventh Street West (J0901E) - approve the assessment; 1012 Third Street East (J090E) - approve the assessment; 452 Thomas Avenue (J0905A) - reduce the assessment from a total of $233 to a total of $115; 631 Thomas Avenue (J0904G) - delete the assessment; 1012 Thomas Avenue (J0905A) - approve the assessment; and 1419 Van Buren Avenue (J0901E) - approve the assessment.)


GS3068978-Approving-Ratifying.Min 05-19

Green Sheet 3068978

48. Appeal of Delores Houle to a Certificate of Occupancy Deficiency List for property at 1511 Grand Avenue. [Public hearing continued from May 20] (Ward-3) (Legislative Hearing Officer recommends denying the appeal and granting an extension for two months to bring the key box and windows into compliance and granting an extension for six months to bring the remaining items into compliance.)

Appeal-1511 Grand

49. Appeal of Willard Hodge to a Summary Abatement Order for property at 21 Elizabeth Street East and 16 King Street East. (Ward 2) (Legislative Hearing Officer recommends denying the appeal for 21 Elizabeth Street East and granting an extension to June 30 to come into compliance; and denying the appeal for 16 King Street East and granting an extension to June 30 to come into compliance)

Appeal-21 Elizabeth & 16 King

50. Appeal of Jean Merkelo to a Condemnation and Order to Vacate for property at 1160 Cushing Circle #217. (Ward 4) (Legislative Hearing Officer’s recommendation is forthcoming)

Appeal-1160 Cushing #217

Appeal-1160 Cushing #217.Photos

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