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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sharon Anderson files Wire and Mail Fraud Complaints v. Mark Oswald Election_Tax

42 USC 3631 Federal Jurisdiction reducing to Slavery_Poverty
Sat. 1Nov08 Affidavit of Sharon Scarrella Anderson aka Peterson Chergosky

St.Paul,MN Tax_ElectionAssessor MarkOswald
Pursuant to Penalitys of Perjury that 1992 Sharon Anderson acquired 697 SurreySingleFamily with NonMaital Assests, has resided each and every Jan1 of each and every year to Classify the Property as Homestead, with Disability's.

Criminal Charges against Currant Canvass Board Member et al.

COUNT I 609.51, 2008 Minnesota Statutes

to Simulate False Invoices, Tax Charges, Assessments based on Theft,Trespass,Treason, in A "Patterned Enterprise" since 1992. when Sharon was Candidate for St. Paul Mayor against DFL Norm Coleman,when the 3rd an Maria Blast occurred, 6 person Dead, by Incompetant City Employee.

COUNT II 609.41, 2008 Minnesota Statutes over 20 years the False Tax_Assessments "taking" HS Classification,taking Disability Classifications is tanamount to and up to the present,
Property Look Up Information - Tax Payment History

Property Identification Number (PIN)
Property Address697 Surrey Ave
St. Paul 55106-5521

Tax Year


Tax Amount
or Adjustment
Amount Paid

United States Postal Inspection Service - Banner > Investigations > Mail Fraud > File a Mail Fraud Complaint


Mail Fraud Complaint

The form below allows you to send a complaint to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service if you suspect you are a victim of mail fraud. Reporting identity theft on-line is a separate form.

Although the Inspection Service cannot resolve routine business disputes between companies and their customers, it can act against a company or individual if there is a pattern of activity suggesting a potential scheme to defraud. Completion of this form is voluntary, but the more information that you enter, the better the Inspection Service may be able to help.

Please note we may share the information you provide with other agencies when a possible violation concerns their jurisdiction. Read the Contact Us page for more information.

If this is an urgent matter, immediately contact your nearest law enforcement agency. You may also go to the Federal Trade Commission site for more information.

If you would rather file a complaint via U.S. Mail, print it.

Your Information
*First Name:
Middle Name:
*Last Name:
Name of Your Company:
*Street Address:
*State or Canadian Province:
*ZIP Code or Postal Code:
Select Country:
*E-Mail Address:
Home Phone: - -
Work Phone: - - Ext
Year of Birth

This information is optional, but penalties may increase when certain crimes target an age group.

Complaint Information

Subject of Your Complaint (Select One Choice):
Name of Company You Are Complaining About:
Name of Individual
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Company Street Address:
State or Canadian Province:
ZIP Code or Postal Code:
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Company Web Site:
Company E-Mail Address:
Phone Number: - - Ext
FAX Number: - -

Details of Complaint

How Did the Company Initially Contact You?
How Much Did the Company Ask You to Pay?$
How Much Did You Actually Pay the Company?$
How Did You Pay the Company?
Date of Last Contact with the Company (MM/DD/YYYY):
What Did You Receive?
How Did It Differ From What You Expected?
How Was it Delivered?

Explain Your Problem

Please limit your entry to 2,000 characters (approximately. 30 lines)

Your Information

*First Name:
Middle Name:
*Last Name:
Name of Your Company:



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