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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Eminent Domain-Bob Zick-Nancy Lazaryan-Thanks

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7/2/08 City of St Paul Evicting People From Their Homes
The City of St Paul held a public hearing but didn't want the public to talk about what they were really doing. The issue is whenever a homeowner or a tenant falls behind in one of their utility bills, the city believes they can come and condemn your home if it doesn't meet the current inspection requirements. This is another form of eminent domain that is completely outside the scope of our government and we need to close these kinds of loopholes and prevent these kinds of people from being so careless with our rights. The following, is a link to the City Councils website where you can find out who these people are, that said St Paul residents, please take note and get these people out of office before other cities start thinking they can follow their lead. This is egregious in it's worse sense because even a new home that is only a couple of years old could be found out of current compliance and can be condemned by the city leaving the homeowner defenseless to the government profiteers if the homeowner doesn't have the resources to fight it or comply.

Think about it, within 30 day's your new home could be destroyed and you would have to pay the city back for the demolition costs and the land developers in your area that have ties to the city council could be making a killing off of you. Wake up people! Does the government really work for you or do they work for themselves. Not only that but agenda number 56, which was the last on on the agenda by the way, is also in court and which means the city has no authority or jurisdiction over the matter, the courts do, but hey that's our government in Minnesota for you. On last piece of information for you to ponder normally these St Paul City Council meetings are aired on TV but guess what, I hear this this meeting hasn't and won't be televised, wonder why?



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