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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FAT CATS City St.Paul 1,918 vacant bldgs,STAR funds used

Permission to fax re: http://
15 Kellogg Blvd., West
Saint Paul, MN 55102 Sharons-FCC

Ph: (651) 266-8670
Fx: (651) 266
Technology & Communications
15 West Kellogg Blvd.
City Hall, Room 110
Saint Paul, MN 55102
Phone: (651) 266-6770
Fax: (651) 266-8689

Name Title Email Phone
Casselton, Andrea Technology Director 651-266-8910
Fingerholz, Glen Web Developer 651-266-6777
Reid, Jason City Web Coordinator (Webmaster) 651-266-6765


Subj:Fwd: Legal Notice: Ramsey Co TAX Authority Hennepin Co vacant pro- Topix#last...
Date:6/18/2008 11:04:14 A.M. Central Daylight Time
City Council MeetingJune 18, 2008 - 03:30 PM Agenda
22. Resolution - 08-643 - Amending the budget in the Department of Safety and Inspections/Property Code Enforcement by adding $900,000 from the Invest Saint Paul program for building demolitions. (GS 3055190)



Click here: Hennepin County to tear down vacant properties - Topix#lastPost

Preliminary RICO Notice v. Mark Oswald,Agents,Assigns,County of Ramsey et al

Federal Crimes – RICO, & Racketeering Cases and Definition Wed 18June08

Pursuant to Affiants call today to
Director Taxaction/Elections

651-266-2193 fax: 2199 further to reopen the former Auditor Lou McKenna Indictments
to challenge,criminally indict the County of Ramsey and Mark Oswald with the following:
False Statement, Fraudulent Accounting, Refusal of Itemized STatement,
Embellzement, Extortian, Usurious penalty, Invalid Assessments based on Theft, Trespass,Treason

John Finley mn - Google Search 1997
1. Mark Oswald stating he does not know who the 2nd Jud. Court Administrator
Larry Dease is?, further Oswald refused to state the Authority of the tax penality
a. Unsigned Document dtd. 12Jun08 without US Postmark Cancellation
of Permit no 117 St.Paul MN
b. found in the mailbox at 697 Surrey Ave. ID

c. with Document based on FRAUD stating Total Amt.Due $906.95

d. Legal Notice to reopen Lou McKenna and the County Commissioner
John Finley, Lawyer, Judge, recent Heart Surgery Patient Sceniero

along with the Lesbian Judges Kathleen Gearin and Joanne Smith re: TAX Fraud
It is incomprehensible to Steal Sharons Car, Trailer,realestate,personal property
and then Charge Illegal Fees,Assessments, against the Propertys to confiscate plus interest at 7%, penalitys at 12&, This Usurious must be estopped,

re: Krengel Case EMINENT DOMAIN IN MINNESOTA: Case study Alice Krengel, 823 Allen, WSP

ECF_ P165913 Pacer sa1299 /s/ Sharon Anderson aka Peterson_Scarrella Candidate
Sharons-Psychic-Whispers: Sharons Gypsy Curse-Court-Cop Corruption 3Apr08
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Hennepin County to tear down vacant properties - Topix
Cash Cow in St. Paul 1,918 vacant bldgs at $1,000 yrly fee Empty lots in St. Paul beginning to look like a WAR ZONE
As usual Lawyers raking in money
Marcia Moermond Legislative Hearing Officer, cannot try title to St. Paul's 1,918 propertys to Condemn-DEmolish without "Just Compensation" to the owners???? Appears the State of Minnesota has gone bonkers to TEAR Down HOMEOWNeRS
tax base?



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