Minnesota homeowners would get property tax refunds based on their ability to pay under a bill passed Monday night by the House.

The bill would provide "significant property tax relief to those who need it the most without a tax increase," said House Taxes Committee Chair Ann Lenczewski, DFL-Bloomington.

Starting in 2009, it would send refund checks to homeowners with incomes below $200,000 whose property taxes are more than 2 percent of their incomes.

But don't count on getting those refunds yet. Gov. Tim Pawlenty and the Senate would have to approve the House's property tax overhaul, and so far, they aren't on board.

The Senate has passed a sharply different property tax relief bill, and Pawlenty, while not threatening a veto, said he takes a "dim view" of the House plan.

But Pawlenty and both houses of the Legislature