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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Friday, April 25, 2008

Jim Casci Death re: Stress fighting City Hall

Jim Casci True Italian-Entreprenuer

Tribute to Jim years ago employed Dancers ie: Titian (sp) currently 126 Winnipig at issue, JC had 60 propertys?
Enjoy the video Jim would like that.

Jim Casci apparantly died sitting at his desk, at Home Tues. 22Apr08 or wed morning,
Casci was missd that day at the weekly Senior Meeting at Sal, Sharon ,
Casci was very buy he notified Kathy Lantry of his Lawyer's, concerning 126 Winnipeg ownership, and 60 propertys.
Best I can do ,JC was active member of W 7th St. Salvation Army, Sr. he was the only guy with all "his ladies"
We were realestate friends as 50 yrs ago Casci had the CD on my parents home at 309 Pelham Blvd. St. Paul, 55104
Casci gave me the 60 propertys he was the fee owner on, will list after the funeral, currently he was helping Sharon at 609 Surrey, with all the vacant buildings
The Stress of fighting the City of St. Paul is heinous, repugnant to our Health,Safety,Welfare,
Casci informed the undersigned that Friends James McDonough, Judge DCoursey were True Blue,
Casci & I would talk couple times daily, primarily the cable Council meetings.
his charitable contributions via Aaron Foster and Bill "Corky" Finney?
Casci trusted Judge DeCoursey with his life 651-266-8334
Casci apparantly is to be cremated Anderson Funeral Homes on Arcade ST. - Google Search by "No Relative
Further well publized Shalom Nursing Homes Minnesota - Google Search , ownership of polluted lands 7th and Otto, criminal neglience of Jim Casci's Health ... - 286k - Cached - Similar pages



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