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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sharons Quitam CitySt.Paul Illegal Assessments 7.5% penalty12%


Serious, Material, Criminal Charges of the Seats of Government, Exhausting all State,City Remedies.

To: US Attorney Hon. Michael B. Mukasey
Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey Remarks Prepared for Delivery by Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey at the London School of Economics Exhibits

and to the State of Minnesota via Governor his Revenue Commissioner

Department of Revenue
Commissioner: Ward Einess
Department ofRevenue
Web Site
Departmental E-mail:
Phone: (651)296-3403 Director Elections/Taxaction,,

Cabinet Summary/Jurisdictional/Memorandumn via Penality of Perjury

and to the Boards of Equalizations,Appeals, Tax Courts, Political Subdividion of Itasca,Aitkin,Ramsey Countys, Citys of St. Paul,Aikin,GrandRapids, in the ongoing "Patterened Enterprise" of the State and Local Countys and Citys

to Criminally Inflate Market Values,20 years ago Apr.21,88 the Lesbian Judge Kathleen Gearin DFL, embellezed over

Sicko-City StPaul $110,000.00 against our Paid for Homestead at 1058 Summit Ave/PO Box 4384 St. Paul,MN 55104-0384

exploiting the Disabilities of Cpl. James R. Anderson, SilverStar,Purple Heart Marine suffereing from PTSD

this ongoing Enterprise led to the Murder, Disabilitys, of the Andersons and many others "taking" of propertys without "JUst Compensations and in this current Criminal Activity Stealing Sharons Car,Trailer,Personal Property, Destoying Sharons Fence, Retaining Walls,TURNING OFF SHARONS WATER, CONSPIRACY TO HARM,INJURE,MURDER IN THE 1ST DEGREE WIH INTENT OF MALICIOUS, against Political Candidates

Sharon Scarrella Anderson Political Activist MN - Google Search Joel Essling MN - Google Search thenby defendant Joel Essling illegally charging thousands of dollars of Assessments by Theft,

charging Interest, Penalitys, when nmerous non-profits are given Loans,Grants Interest Free, without PayBack, defrauding the US of America of Revenue Souces.

AFFIDAVIT OF SHARON SCARRELLA ANDERSON AKA PETERSON former Local 17, VA Widow, Whistleblower, Injured Person, Current Candidate Click here: Abolish Property Taxes

AFFIDAVIT OF BILL DAHN, current candidate 65b

Relators_Petitioners_QuiTam Whistleblowers former Union Local17

a. For years St. Paul City Clerk's Don Luna,now in Internal Affairs Police Dept. and now Sheri Moore formr Pres of SPSO have wilfully, intentionally failed to put our Answers/CrossComplaints/Demand for Formal Complaints/Punatitive,Compensatory,Tort Damages on the City Agenda's, Not only Conspiracy but obstructing legal process's as well

b. Sharon was informed that on th 19Mar08 City Agenda our claims

would be presented, as served Febxx08, with DVD concerning 256 Morton, Illegal Sheriff Sale, with no Moneys changing Hands Bank of America and Lesbian Sheriff Lory Kratze convicted embellezer.

c. Legal Challenge of Assessments at 697 Surrey pin Sharon has no problem with

Market Value: at this time: "but for"MS609 Criminal Charges mandate "Grand Jury" unabated by County Attorney Susan Gaertner DFL

COUNT II Criminal Interference with Right to Fair Housing, 42 U.S.C. § 3631. Section 3631 of Title 42 makes it unlawful

THEREFORE: SHARON ANDERSON, with intestate decedant

was served by US Mails Sat 15Mar08 Permit no. 117 St. Paul,MN 2008 Tax Statement, Value Notice:

takes Legal Issue with publishing False Statements of Theft, Trespass, Treason to Steal Sharons Car, with Disabled Plates and Sticker, still Insured at this time, Trailer, Camping Equipment, micellaneous Cla256 Morton Dahn Homestead imss ov er 1/2 Million with 7.5 % interest

Bill Dahn has never gotten his Equity from his HomeStead either.

Submitted in Good Faith for State & Federal Investigation as Bill and Sharon are Disabled over 55 yrs old,

poverty level income contray to

2194MarshallDuplex 448Desnoyer Duplex 1058SummitDuplex 325 N.Wilder 6unit AOLJournalt02-0332(Rosenbaum) JRHomeless_17 Sharons other propertys "taken" by corrupt judiciary309Pelham plus the "taking" of Sharons DL and Car has prevented Sharon from her property at 42741-321st pl (GunLake Aitkin, Buck Lake and Gull Lake specifically by Lawyer Clerk Fred Grittner acting as a Judge21Ap1988 as on File.

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