St. Paul has 1,644 vacant buildings, the New DSI Dept of Safety Inspections have created heinous mortgage forclosure's, 1. By denial of Due proces, not serving the bank or insurance co and or Mortgage holders 2. Incompetance of LHO ie: Legislative hearing officer who she does not have the qualifications of Realestate or Law or Appraiser License's
3. Demolitions of St.Paul Bldgs, by Theft,Trespass,Treason,Denial Due process, has techinally lowered all property values therefore ALL PROPERTYS TAXES MUST BE SET ASIDE...The State must DENY ALL LGA Local Government Aid, by DSI "terrorizing" the citizenery
Sen. Anderson "NO Relative" as Ellen is maried to Andy Dawkins who started this heinous, violations of the citizenerys Health by the forced "takings" of our Homes