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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter- Foster-NOBail-Beale NoJuryJail

As we cross over the Bridges of Life
Blogger: Dashboard Forensic Evidence

To Honor affiants Heritage Uncle Art's Trust's which started the undersigned in her PC Published without Malice, In Good Faith, Educational Title 26 501(c)3 Pursuits.Related Items

Robert Beale Christian Tax Patroit denied Jury Trial-Jailed

Video's of Courageous Persons

Forever Grateful to God,Gates,Google, that Affiant Sharon Anderson aka Peterson-Chergosky-Scarrella

has the tenacity to advocate for our Heritage.

Affiants humble request for Federal Intervention into the St. Paul City Employee Aaron Fosters

Murder Indictments

Judicial Reform Activists We must put pressure on the Courts for Fair,Impartial,Murder Trials

techinally MS2.724 the Supreme Court has jurisdiction with the

  • Previous coverage Aug 30, 2006

  • For educational purposes, Judicial Reform We as a society must challenge

    these "Unpublished Opinions" when Published do not have the Precedant

    for Rule of law, Constitutional Mandates, "taking" our Property Rights to

    Simulate legal Process to keep the Courts in business at our Expense.

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