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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Friday, July 27, 2007

Vote Sharon Anderson 9/11/07 EliminatePrimary IRV

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: SHARON I wear's many Hats : Basically the City has greylisted javascript:image_page(17)me: New CIA Rules Give Bloggers A FOIA Fee Break
You may want to also do an article as to why the city attorneys under the direction of the mayor have either lost,shredded realestate records. Contact Advocate for the Truth

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confidential and protected by legal privilege of Candidate Sharon Anderson's
be aware that any
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any attachment is for Public Policy/Trust. Please forward
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Dear Sharon,
My name is Mary Hansen and I work as a reporter for the Downtown St. Paul Voice. I am gathering information for our September issue on candidates running for the City Council seat from Ward 2. If you could answer the following questions in 200 words or less and email your reply along with your photo back to me, all will be included in the September issue. Thanks for your help Sharon, and good luck on your campaign!
Sincerely, Mary Hansen
1. Why are you running for office?
2. What are the top three issues you would like to tackle if elected?
3. What is your political background and experience?.
4. Tell us about your family/household.
5. What is your educational background?
REceived Will get back to you over weekend OK Thanks
Here are my answers for Community Reporter:
Subj:Re: article for Community Reporter
Date:7/18/2007 1:39:30 P.M. Central Daylight Time
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Mary how do you count URL
Candidate profile or use AG profile, substitute Ward 2 instead of AG, City Attorneys
Do you need a pic or use the one from mpls star. Thanks
In a message dated 7/16/2007 10:07:58 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
I'm doing a article about Ward 2 candidates for City Council, St. Paul. I have several questions. Can you please respond by this Thursday? Answer each in 100 words or less.
1. Why did you choose to run for city council office?
Techinally 1. Implement E-Commerce- Government with full access/foia disclosure's
2. downsize Bloated City Government, Abolish DSI ie: Department
of Safety and Inspections in its entirety
a. 90 % of the police live out of St. Paul?
b. Numerous Supervisory positions ie: Steve Magner lives
in Stillwater, Dick Lippert, Inver Grove etc.
a. Address all City lawsuits, to be filed on City Attorney Web Site
for public scrunity/policy/trust
4. Pensioned Parisites: Bleeding the homeowner by ex. Bob kessler
makes 99 thousand, plus his City Retirement of approx. $2,000 mthly
for pecuniary gain, while the average citizen like me on $900.00 pr month social security, can hardly make.
ie: Forens
  • 2. What issues are you concerned about?
    Seniors/Homeless/Enviromental/Vacant bldgs/Police Corruption
    Consent Agenda's heinous violations of MS13d open meeting law
    Ratify Assements based on Theft,Trespass,Treason
    triggering repugnant 4th Amend Abuses, by City Officials
    for personal gain.Separation of Power Abuses
    a. Why is Mayor Chris Coleman on a Restricted law License:::::Deadwood in the City Attorneys Office/ Destruction of records?
    3. Why do you think people should vote for you?
    Sharon Peterson Scarrella Anderson Integrity cannot be impugned: Been there Done that, VA Whistleblower-Widow: must expose
    the fraudulent conveyances by Bogus resolutions, published to ordinances
    contrary to our Constitutional Right and Priviledges.
    No Statute of Limitations on Fraud or Murder
    4. Other political or office holding or other experience that qualitfies you for the job?
    Self taught computer nerd, Realestate Entreprenuer
    In re: Scarrella for Associate Justice 221NW2d562
    5. What will you do for Ward 2?
    Implement high tech for the average person to fight for their
    Rights: unfunded mandates: are burdensome to the citizenery
    must be eliminated.
    Access to Sharon and her Staff 24/7 People helping People
    Maxine McCormick, Editor
    Community Reporter newspaper, West 7th area of St. Paul
    Sharon4Anderson's Legal BlogBriefs Sharon4Anderson St.Paul City Council Ward2 SA-Blogs2007
    LEGAL NOTICE: /s/ ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835: Document's are based on SEC filings, current events, interviews, Office documents expressly forbids its writers from having financial interests in securities they recommend to readers, affiliated entities, employees, and agents an initial trade recommendation published on the Internet, after a direct mail publication is sent, before acting on that recommendations, and may contain errors. Investment decisions should not be based solely on theseSHARON-MN-ECF: Judges-



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