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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Friday, June 8, 2007

Justice Alan Cedric Page Title 18s1001

In Page v. Carlson, 488 N.W. 2d 274 (Minn. 1992), a Supreme Court justice was up for reelection in 1992, two years before he reached the mandatory retirement age of 70. Gov. Carlson extended his term, pursuant to a statute that allows extension of a judicial term for up to three years in order to qualify the incumbent for full retirement benefits. The extension eliminated an election for the position, which was sought by Alan Page, who sued after the secretary of state refused to place his name on the ballot for the position.
Bench & Bar of Minnesota

Its also SAD that David Thune has blacklisted his opponent
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Fri. June 8th, 2007
Open Letter to Justice Alan Cedric Page taped your False Statements to the St. Paul
Central High School Students on Law Day Tues 1May07
Supreme Court Q&A at Central High School You Alan Cedric Page stated live "
to be a Judge you were required to be Learned in Law, meaning you have to be a Licensed Lawyer"
Your False Statements will be aired again tonight >
Air: Friday, June 8, 10:00 pm on CH19
Future Airs: 6/9 5:00pm on CH19; 6/10 5:00pm on CH19; 6/11 8:00am on CH19; 6/11 10:00pm on CH19
Total Disregard for Rule of Law Threats - Unpublished Nonopinions and Inherent Power Sanctions the Rule of Law and Respect for the Constitution
puts these Students and our country at risk.
Please issue a statement of clarification

To the Students at the undersigned's Alma Mater 1956 St. Paul Central
Sharon Peterson Scarrella Anderson, a group of 5 men ran for Associate Justice In re: Scarrella 221Nw2d562 Scarrella221NW2d562Justice.jpg (image
Denied as Sharon did not have a Law License:1974
Filing Fee of $100.00 was never returned: 33 years ago.
However Blue Book pg 248 & 249 Art. VI MN Constitution sec. 5 Qualifications "learned in Law" conflicting with Art. VII Elective Franchise
sec. 6 Eligibility * * * entitled to vote * * * eligible for any office * * * *
re: page 262 Blue Book 1952 * * * clarify who shall be entitled to vote* * *
THEREFORE: As the Legislature has never defined "Learned in the Law" to mean Licensed Lawyer:
Minnesota Constitution Art. III Separation of Powers, mandates:
If in fact only Licensed Lawyers may be Judges then Licensed Lawyers
must resigned from the Executive and Legislative Branch's.
We are having so much trouble with an Obese Madam Marcia Moermond
who try's to Condemn Realestate Illegally under color of
her RICO granted Authority/Jurisdiction, Madam Moermond
is not a Licensed Lawyer, or Qualified Netural or Administrative Hearing
Further the Aaron Foster Barb Winn Murders must be abated
Judges as Criminals Barbara Winn Murder aaron foster - Google Search
There are friends who remember you as Payne Ave Page?????
CompelOrder-04-07T185_14 Sharon Anderson Interim Candidate
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Cop- Corruption-Minnesota: Criminal Charges Joel Essling-Tanya Hunter 18USCs19
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