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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sharon's UTube-IRV-23Apr07 Rondo Library 3-5

Sharon Anderson Republican Diva Candidate Ward 2 agrees with IRV, Online Voting,Electronic Filings in all government business,
Sharon's ECF -P165913 Pacer Acct. sa1299
Has been suspended from E-Dem. until 1May07, However Notice is given to the Citizenery of UTube at the Rondo Library on Dale and University a 16 Bus will get you there.

in keeping with Earth Day - Google SearchLet History be our Guide

IRV- Instant Runoff Voting
Instant Run off Voting - Google Search
TOPIC: IRV or Instant Runoff Voting in St. Paul
Center for Voting and Democracy
WHAT : Record and upload your thoughts on this important issue to YouTube. Both Pro
or Con (or undecided) are welcome.

WHERE: Rondo Community Outreach Library, University and Dale
WHEN : Monday - April 23rd
(3:00 - 5:00 PM)
HOW : You can make an appointment in advance, or simply 'drop in' and we'll do our
best to accommodate you. Please feel free to forward email this to your friends and
other politically interested people.

Contact: Gary Thompson, 651-695-0615,

Did everyone see the local candidates on YouTube?

Now, its your turn. St. Paul E-Democracy will be collecting YouTube statements on a
variety of St. Paul issues, starting this Monday.

This Monday, we'll be collecting testimonials or statements from anyone who wishes
to comment on the proposal to use IRV voting for local elections in St. Paul. ALL
you have to do is contact me, Gary Thompson, and let me know that your coming. We'll
record your statement and upload it to YouTube.

If anyone is interested in helping - OR, learning how to record and upload videos to
YouTube, come along and we'll show you how (you can help with this project).

On an experimental basis, once or twice a month St. Paul E-Democracy Outreach will
extend its tabling work at Rondo Library to a provide a St. Paul Issues Video Kiosk.
Statements will be informative in nature, following the spirit of St. Paul
E-Democracy's mission (see below). Gary Thompson will be coordinating the St. Paul
Issues Video Kiosk along with several SPED volunteers. Please contact him to
suggest topics.

St. Paul Issues Video Kiosk will provide those who want to make a short statement on
that specific issue with an opportunity to tape short statements similar to the St.
Paul City Council and School Board candidates' statements, to be uploaded on
YouTube, and eventually some on SPNN as a St. Paul Issues Series.

St. Paul E-Democracy Outreach will choose the issues to be discussed. We expect all
statements 1) to stay on the designated topic, and 2) to adhere to the rules of
civility that foster a respectful exchange of information and ideas and stay on the
designated topic. While the format is not completely parallel to the St. Paul
Issues Forum, SPIF, general rules of civility apply. See
<> .

SPED reserves the right whether to use and upload/distribute (to YouTube and/or any
other venues) video statements that conflict with our rules or mission

St. Paul E-Democracy Mission Statement.
St. Paul E-Democracy strives to improve the quality of public policy decision-making
in St. Paul and Ramsey County by broadening public participation and linking the
diverse voices of the citizenry to community leaders and elected officials in a
civil and respectful exchange of information and ideas. St. Paul E-Democracy
informs, engages, and empowers community members in the public life of St. Paul
by building online forums and other tools for public dialogue, and by making those
resources accessible to the community.



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