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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Monday, December 29, 2008

Laura Yuen_A_Dem_Steve Magner_MPR_StarTribue

Laura Yuen
Legal Notice to the Governor,Tim Pawlenty, All Agencies, Attorney General Lori Swanson,City of St.Paul, City Clerk/Canvass Board ie: DFL Mayor Coleman,DSI Supervisor Bob Kessler,Lisa Martin,Aaron Foster, Joel Essling,Police Chief John Harrington, Sheriff Bob Fletcher, with Notice to the US Dist. Court Joan Lancaster Erickson File No Civ.04-2632-461 and o5-1348(JNE/SRN)
When Steve Magner is a defendant in a Federal Case, currently under Appeal to 8th Cir. then Ms. Yuen your reporting must include any/all Facts/Residence's/Complaints of Defendant Steve Magner for Public Policy, Information ,picked up by Associate Press, and
Laura, the Issue of Squatter's in Vacant Buildings, Supervised by Steve Magner who does not reside in St. Paul, as his Depositions prove, Out of the 100 + employees in DSI , is lacking to particulars
42 USC 3631 to SCARE the Residents of the East Side,
I will allege that 90% employees do not live in the City. Yet Condemning Propertys now over 1,990. Many torn down losing tax base. Just look at 7th and Bates Looks like a War Zone. City of St. Paul, MN - Official Website - Vacant Building List
When Government become the lawbreaker it breeds Contempt for the Law
The heinous city conflict of Lisa Martin former wife of Aaron Foster at the St.Paul Police Impound Lot, was NEVER called to testify at the Murder Trial held by current Canvass Board Judge Ed Cleary
Judge Ed Cleary mn - Google Search acting in concort with Lawyer Earl Gray
Earl Gray MN - Google Search to apparantly allow Perjured Testimony of former Chief Bill "Corky" Finney. currently legal counsel for Laurie Coleman.
"Maybe it sounds mean or Grinch-ish, but the fact remains that there's a life-safety issue." said Steve Magner, manager of St. Paul's vacant building program. "We will fall on our swords for life safety."
Reporters printing only one sided articles, when the main character Steve Magner is Defendant in Federal Litigation
(2) Story must trigger full investigation into the DSI, peculiar "takings" without Compensation and Theft,Trespass,Treason, under color of Bogus Jurisdiction/Authority.
(3) City Clerk Shari Moore conflict on County Canvass
If these County and State Canvass Boards have any Taint, Ethics and or Morality Issues
the Question remains how can an Impartial Canvass Rule on any Ballots.
with Standing to Challenge the current Elections and reserves the
Issue of I Candidate US Senator Ballots

Laura Yuen

Minnesota Public Radio

Laura Yuen covers St. Paul and the East Metro beat. She came to MPR in January 2008 after eight years of writing for daily newspapers, including the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader. A native of the Chicago area, Laura is attracted to communities with a strong sense of place, which is one of the reasons why she landed in Minnesota. She has also lived in Taiwan, backpacked through Asia, and wrote about chicken farms in Arkansas. She's always up for a good story.

Laura Yuen Feature Archive

St. Paul police say a pair of jewelry bandits are using a similar ruse to gain entry into the homes of Hmong families. (12/26/2008)
Laura : MPR and Bob Johnson A_Dem Forensic Evidence
Affiant submits this letter to you, and Laura since you came from Chicago
it is prudent that the US Supreme Court has yet another hearing 6Jan09 on the AllianceBMN Sharon Anderson's Blog Citizenship/residence of Obama.
Permission to copy circulate,for Truth, Integrity of Justice
s/ ECF_P165913_sa1299 political ?(Sharon4Anderson?)
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