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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Citys Disparity,Legal Notice -Claims v. St. Paul

Alice Krengel Winner for Public Policy Nuisance Ordinance:
7May08 To the Above named:
Kathy Lantry, City Council Pres. Risk Managment, Ron Guilfoile, County Atty
Susan Gaertner,David Twa, mark oswauld Ramsey County
Items to be noted for full disclosure:
1,2,3 request for ECF filings online, to inform the public to Amicus Curie in ALL CITY BUSINESS, affecting the taxpayers.
Uniformity of Ordinances for ex.
City Passport for Seniors partnered with Health East
Qualifications of Renee Skougland(sp), Nancy ?
Recept Jean
discrimination against Humana Medicare Seniors?
A. Senior Center selling quilts for $20.00 without peddlers license,
B. Computer Room, Safety,Fire Hazard, contrary to Building Codes,
C. 2nd flr Galtier rooms, located under the 3rd flr YMCA POOL
D. Senior Center is not in compliance with Items, as on tues $Stretch and Strengthen
is considered Health related Club without proper licenses, ordinance violations

18. Resolution - 08-447 - Encouraging the United States Congress to support the passage and funding of HR 4461/S 2458, the Community Building Code Administration Grant Act of 2007. (GS 3053171)



as the undersigned was pressured to leave the Senior Center named Passport , apparantly because Sharon Anderson political activist, current candidate for had her handled suitcase, with 2 plastic bags purchased from Vincent De Paul, contents doll,blanket, misc.
3.5 Bringing more than one bag or any oversized or dangerous items into city passport?
(1), Arbitrary,Discriminatory,Vague must be clarified
as on the same form Passport could have checked the packages?

City Passport, co-sponsored by HealthEast Passport and Saint Paul Parks and Recreation, is located in Suite 230 on the skyway level of Galtier Plaza, 380 Jackson St. (one block east of Robert between 5th and 6th Streets), in downtown Saint Paul.

FURTHER:Item 31 Does not decend to particulars, identifying , costs, charges, dates, times property id's
31. Resolution Approving Assessment - 08-460 - In the matter of the assessment of benefits, cost, and expenses for summary abatements (graffiti removal) on private properties from March 5 to April 9, 2008 [J0805P]; demolition of vacant building at 1185 Payne Avenue in March 2008 [J0805C]; summary abatements (property clean-up) on private properties from March 31 to April 15, 2008 [J0807A]; weekly garbage hauling services from April 2 to 9, 2008 [J0807G]; boarding up vacant buildings during December 2007 [J0710B]; removal of diseased elm trees from private properties during the winter season of March 2008 [0803T]; and setting date of public hearing for June 18, 2008. (GS 3052631)

Finally Adoption of Unconstitutional Ordinances, burdensome to the taxpayers
33. Final Adoption - 07-1194 - An ordinance amending Chapter 33 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code, Building Code and Inspection, as it relates to Certificate of Code Compliance. (Laid over from March 19) (GS 3046791)

34. Second Reading - 08-437 - An ordinance amending Chapter 33 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code to create a process for vacant building total remodel and increasing vacant building fees. (GS 3048860)

35. Second Reading - 08-438 - An ordinance amending Chapter 43 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code to set the vacant building registration fee to $500.00 per year. (GS 3050633)

Item 37 1611 Case Ave-Polluted Lands ? Items 38 Dog Misdemeanors, when MS609.43 apparent
Item 43 Communistic to invade the privacy of our homes without Warrant,tickets,probabl cause

Items 72,73 Ratifying Fees, Assessments baseSha Answer/Cross 5Apr07 d on major Fraud, False Statement,Theft, Trespass, submitted to Risk Management
Treason re: Affiants 1/2 million claim
Sure peculiar Diva's Bar on Rice Street, lawyer Andy Dawkins, has been vacant over 1 year, without placards?????????Disparity You Bet

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