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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fair Tax Petition /s/Sharon Scarrella Anderson 3Apr08

Make Your Voice Heard for the FairTax
For Tax Day 2008, we're collecting 100,000 names to send a message to Congress and the leading presidential candidates about the FairTax. Then on April 15th—a date dreaded by millions of Americans—we will present the petition to Congress at the Capitol. Your name will also appear on a second petition delivered to the leading presidential candidates.

Help us send a powerful message to our elected officials in Washington: Read the "Pass the FairTax" petition and add your name below.








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Whereas the United States Constitution guarantees the right of the people to petition their government for a redress of grievances and;

Whereas the income tax code has 67,500 pages of regulations that are so difficult to understand that the nation spends $265 billion annually on tax preparation and;

Whereas American businesses are at a distinct price disadvantage with foreign competitors because of income tax costs embedded in the price of American goods and;

Whereas the income tax system taxes labor and investment making productivity and saving more difficult because of such taxes and;

Whereas the FairTax will make the United States economy a worldwide magnet for robust investment and job creation and;

Whereas the FairTax "untaxes" the poor and lowers middle class tax burdens while allowing every wage earner to take home paychecks without federal withholding or payroll taxes deducted and;

Whereas April 15th is dreaded by every taxpayer because of the consequences of errors, the complexity and the cost of faithfully obeying tax laws;

This section will appear on the Congressional petition version:
Be it therefore resolved that the FairTax legislation deserves full consideration and debate on the floor of the House of Representatives and Senate and that enactment of the FairTax will greatly help the American people, our nation's economy and the well-being of future American generations.

This section will appear on the Presidential candidates petition version:
Be it therefore resolved that the FairTax deserves fair consideration by your campaign, free of distortions of the proposal by those profiting from the income tax system.

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