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Posted by Sharon Anderson on Monday, February 10, 2014

Steinhauser vs CitySt.Paul et al


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Bridges v. St.Paul Police Impound Lot-Zoning?


Dear [Council President the Hon. Kathy Lantry et al enbanc: cc: Media]:

St.Paul Police Impound Lot - Google Search
Item 60 Net Assessment $63,261.42, refusal of City to ID any all Towed Cars

St.Paul Police Impound Lot-Aaron Foster - Google Search
City needs to support
visionary redevelopment ideas like the Bridges and that the City Council
should give the developer a chance to fully develop his proposal, take it
into the marketplace and let the market determine if it is economically
Grassroots Action Center Grassroots Action CenterChamber
Background Information

Saint Paul real estate developer Jerry Trooien has
proposed a $1 billion mixed use retail and residential development on the
West Side across the Mississippi River from downtown. Called The Bridges of
Saint Paul, the development will be located between Robert and Lafayette
streets on a 32-acre site that Trooien already owns.
As proposed the development will include:
a.. A 250 room Westin hotel.
b.. A multi-screen AMC movie theatre complex.
a.. 375,000 square feet of retail space.
b.. 1,100 housing units.
c.. 5,500 free parking places.
d.. 1,500 construction jobs at payroll of $15
million per month.
e.. 1,800 full time equivalent jobs after
The Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce has
carefully studied this proposal and enthusiastically endorses it. The
Chamber believes the project will generate more than $225 million in retail
sales, create greatly needed new jobs and generate new taxes for the City.
Given the City's current budget crunch, the Chamber believes the City should
welcome this opportunity to grow its tax base and bring an exciting increase
of energy and vitality to Saint Paul's downtown riverfront. But, the City
Council will vote on the project in mid-September and there may not be
enough votes to move this project forward.

It is important to understand what this vote means.
The vote will be on whether or not to approve a Planned Unit zoning
designation for the project. This vote only allows Trooien to develop the
property in accordance with the plan that he has proposed. If he wishes to
change the plan at some point in the future, he will have to go back to the
City Council for approval.

Still, this vote is crucial to the project. Without
approval of this rezoning request, Trooien is unable to secure final lease
agreements or make final financing arrangements. This rezoning gives
Trooien the opportunity to take his proposal into the market place and see
if there is sufficient market demand to turn his dream into a reality. This
vote does not, however, commit the City to providing subsidy of any kind to
the project. That decision will be made at a later date when both Trooien
and the City have complete information on the financial details of the plan.
Statement of Candidate Sharon Anderson Ward 2

City Council MeetingSeptember 5, 2007 - 03:30 PM Agenda


36. Public hearing to consider the application of JLT Group to rezone the area generally bounded by Robert Street, Fillmore Avenue, Highway 52, and the Mississippi River to PD Planned Development. (The Bridges of Saint Paul) [ZF 07-110-903]
Bridges 3 Bridges 4 Bridges Letter Bridges Letter 2 minutes zoning minutes

"Taping the Budget Hearing Right now 9:36
Kathy Lantry "Missed the point"
Stop picking on Thune for his endorsements the real Issue's
Is it true that 90 % of the Police do not live or vote in St. Paul, yet our property taxes
are sky high for their Salarys,Pensions, Health Care etc.
Lantry is also endorsed further if Helgen loses the election
due to Police Endorsements isn't that an Unfair Campaign Practices Act
Corrupt Practices mandating grand Jury Proceedings?

Affidavit of Ward 2 Candidate Sharon Anderson ie: Peterson-Scarrell
To St. Paul Council President Kathy Lantry:
We strongly urge you to suspend Item 60 Agenda5Sept07
give a complete breakdown of Vin No.LicensePlates,towned from what address
insurance co, loans, Clear Title or risk Criminal Charges of Felony Theft,Trespass,Treason
30 yrs of files are conclusive for Grand Jury Indictments, Conspiracy to commit Murder
and Murder etc. Guide yourselves accordingly,

Subj: CityAttorneys-Cop Corruption Candidate Sharon Anderson demand Grand Jury Indict
Date: 9/3/2007 7:59:35 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From: Sharon4Anderson
To Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner aka Susan Gaertner: Ramsey County Attorney Title 31 Whistleblowers
Mrs. 2nd marriage to John Wodele MS211A MS 211B
TitleUS CODE: Title 18,TITLE 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE 18 Crim 01-791City v US Hud housing
Affidavit of Candidate Sharon Anderson aka Peterson-Scarrella
The Bridges of Saint PaulPreliminary609.546Car Tampering Demand for Grand Jury Indictments 609.52, Theft 830 Barge 609.903 RICO t
Chapter 66. Zoning Code--Zoning District Uses, Density and DMS 609.911 RICO Civilimensional Standar

609.6055 Trespass pipelines
Wild v. Otis, Remedies Proscutorial Inaction, Remedies Proscutorial Inaction
ECF_Fedcases_91Elec_13 To the Above Named:
Candidate Sharon Anderson Ward 2 again working on Felony Charges against
City of St. Paul, Council enbanc: DSI,John Doe and Mary Roe
1. 1997 Case Fixing , Grand Jury Indict against John Finley Joh n Finley C2-97-1370 must be reopenedCITY HALL SCOOPSA, False Claims Act - Taxpayers Against Fraud - QUI TAM - False Claims Act
2. Endorsement without screening, undue influence, malfeasance of City Sharon4Council: Indict DFL St.PaulMayor Chris Coleman MS609.43-51 SPSO-Union Police FedLegal Eagle SharonAnderson07 eration to
use members " 90%" apparantly do not live or vote in St. Paul.
3. Item 60 on the 5Sept07 does not decend to particulars to Illega2007 Council Meetings lly Ratify Assements on TowingRICOIII
cars to Impound Lot, by Theft,Trespass,Treason. False Statements
4. Patterened Enterprise, Conspiracy to commit Murder, by
Shutting of Water, Illegal Suspension of DL, Stalking causing broken Ankle, with
over 20 thous Medical Bill, continuing Harrassment by Bogus False Statement without
Due process, Service, causing Extreme Emotional Stress to terroVacant Buildings as of August 1, 2007 rize not only
Sharon but all Vacant Buildings,occupants,owners,banks,insurance co,
MinnesotaMortgageMassacre1 Sample indictment for your study
Affidavit of Service by e-commerce
Further Affiant sayeth not at this time except Punatitive,Compensatory,Tort Damages for each and every occurrence of 1/2 million dollars

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Sincerely Sharon Anderson VA Widow-Whistleblower

Submitted in Good Faith Fiduciary Trust



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